End of Season

Due to the unprecedented situation we find ourselves in due to Covid-19, the committee have decided to the end this WMKL season. Therefore the league rankings will stand as is.

The final rankings are:

  1. Birmingham Panthers 1
  2. University of Birmingham 2
  3. University of Birmingham 3
  4. University of Birmingham 4
  5. Birmingham City 3
  6. University of Warwick 1
  7. University of Birmingham 5

Well done to our winners, Birmingham Panthers 1 and congratulations to all teams taking part! Very sad to end the season like this but the best decision in the current situation.

We look forward to seeing you all soon (hopefully!) for more korf!

League Updates, 2nd March!

All teams have played league games in the last couple of weeks. Warwick University have challenged 4 different teams and taken a win from their game against UOB 5s.

Birmingham Panthers have continued their winning streak, beating Warwick 29:7 to maintain their run of 10 wins from 10 games this season.

As the league currently stands, Birmingham Panthers are top, followed by UOB 2,3 and 4s in that order. Rounding off the league table are Warwick, City 3 and UOB 5, but with 10 games left this season, there is everything to play for.

The last couple of months have seen great successes for our region’s University teams competing in BUCS. The University of Birmingham 1st team and University of Warwick team both qualified for National Championships; UOB 2s qualified for Trophy and UOB 3s and 4s are both competing at Plate this coming weekend. Best of luck to all of these teams at their respective competitions!

Final League Result of 2019, plus BUCS Results!

Our final league week saw the clash of fellow club teams, the University of Birmingham 4s versus the 2s. In a hardly fought game, the 2s came out on top winning 23-2 at the final whistle.

We also saw UoB 1s, 2s, 3s and 4s competing at BUCS Preliminaries, and what an amazing result they secured! The 1s came 1st, 2s 2nd, and 3s came 4th, meaning they have all secured a place at Regionals. The 4s also did well coming 7th overall, which will take them onto Southerns with a chance to go through to Plate! Well done to all team, fantastic result for a team from the West Midlands, and we look forward to hearing about the results from Regionals and Southerns.

Weeks 6 and 7 Results!

Many matches occurring over these two weekends, with some fantastic korfball on show! Birmingham Panthers conquered University of Birmingham 4s 21-6, whilst UoB 2s beat both UoB 3s and Birmingham City 3s, 27-2 and 23-4 respectively.

The following weekend saw Panthers beat UoB 2s 16-10 in an intense match, whilst UoB 3s beat the 5s 22-1.

We also had one of our clubs, the University of Warwick, competing in the Welsh BUCS Preliminaries on Saturday the 30th. They ended up in first place, beating Swansea, Cardiff 1s, 2s and 3s and also Cardiff Met! Amazing accomplishment by them, particularly in their second ever year in BUCS.

We also have four (!) of the University of Birmingham teams competing this weekend, and we wish them to best of luck! To have four teams competing is amazing in itself, so huge congrats to them. We look forward to hearing the results.

Week 5

More exciting fixtures this weekend just gone, with the University of Birmingham 2s competing away against the University of Warwick! A great match to watch, with a score of 6-3 at half time to the 2s. Final score was 19-6 to the UoB 2s, but amazing battle from Warwick, showing just how far they’ve come in the two short years of being a club!

The University of Birmingham 4s were in action twice over the weekend, once against Birmingham City 3s and once against their fellow club mates, the University of Birmingham 3s. City secured the win against the 4s, with a final score of 12-6, and the 3s also triumphed against the 4s with a final score of 12-9.

This weekend we have 3 more fixtures for you, the University of Birmingham 2s against both Birmingham City 3s and the University of Birmingham 3s, whilst the University of Birmingham 4s are going up against Birmingham Panthers.

Week 4 Results!

Last weekend we saw Birmingham City 3s in action against Birmingham Panthers, with Panthers coming away with a 20-8 win.

Our next match was between University of Warwick and University of Birmingham 4s. After a very tightly fought match, and some great game play from both teams the final result was a draw!

This weekend we have three matches coming up, University of Birmingham 3s versus University of Birmingham 4s, University of Warwick versus University of Birmingham 2s and University of Birmingham 4s in action again against Birmingham City 3s.

Third League Week

Last weekend saw the clash of the University of Birmingham’s 2s and 5s, with the 2s becoming victorious with a 18-7 win! Lots of goal which is fab to see.

We also had Birmingham Panthers vs the University of Warwick. At halftime the score was 4-3 to Panthers, which made for a very close and interesting first half. Panthers managed to overpower Warwick in the second half however, with a final score of 16-3 to Panthers.

Two fantastic games this weekend, and two more to look forward to this weekend! We have the clash of the University of Warwick and the University of Birmingham’s 4s, as well as Birmingham Panthers vs Birmingham City 3s. Good luck to all!


We are incredibly pleased to announce the rebrand of the West Midlands Korfball Association, with our brand new logo! An absolutely huge thank you to Liam Basford from Birmingham City who designed it for us, we love it. The file attached below outlines the thought process behind the creation of our wonderful new logo!

Second Week of the League Results

This weekend we saw three fixtures in the WMKL being played. First was the University of Birmingham 3s versus Birmingham Panthers, with Panthers coming out on top with a 11-5 win. Then we had the clash of two teams in the same club, University of Birmingham 4s versus the University of Birmingham 5s! The 4s came out with a victory, winning 13-2. Finally we had the University of Warwick versus Birmingham City 3s, with Warwick managing to overpower the Bulls with a win of 11-6.

All very exciting games! Next weekend sees the clash of Birmingham Panthers and the University of Warwick, followed by the University of Birmingham 2s versus the 5s. Furthermore the WMKA have some exciting news coming in the next week regarding a rebrand…stay tuned for more information!

First League Results

This weekend we had our first two WMKL fixtures, featuring the University of Birmingham 5s versus Birmingham Panthers, followed by University of Birmingham 3s versus Birmingham City 3s.

Panthers overpowered University of Birmingham 5s, with a score of 18-4 at full time. Great to see so many goals from such a new club! University of Birmingham 3s then took on Birmingham City 3s, with an impressive final score of 19-5! Again loads of goals being scored, making for a very exciting start to the season.

Next weekend we have three fixtures to be played, with UoB 3s taking on Panthers, UoB 4s versus UoB 5s and Warwick University against Birmingham City 3s. All should be very exciting games, make sure you keep up to date with the results on our social media!