Weeks 6 and 7 Results!

Many matches occurring over these two weekends, with some fantastic korfball on show! Birmingham Panthers conquered University of Birmingham 4s 21-6, whilst UoB 2s beat both UoB 3s and Birmingham City 3s, 27-2 and 23-4 respectively.

The following weekend saw Panthers beat UoB 2s 16-10 in an intense match, whilst UoB 3s beat the 5s 22-1.

We also had one of our clubs, the University of Warwick, competing in the Welsh BUCS Preliminaries on Saturday the 30th. They ended up in first place, beating Swansea, Cardiff 1s, 2s and 3s and also Cardiff Met! Amazing accomplishment by them, particularly in their second ever year in BUCS.

We also have four (!) of the University of Birmingham teams competing this weekend, and we wish them to best of luck! To have four teams competing is amazing in itself, so huge congrats to them. We look forward to hearing the results.